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UNDP Apprenticeship Awareness Program for Women 30 Mar 2017


Department of Biotechnology, I.T.S Paramedical College, Muradnagar in association with Disha Education Society, Raipur organized an “Apprenticeship Awareness Program for Women” under National Awareness Scheme initiated by Government of India and UNDP on 30th March, 2017. Disha Education Society prompts the community of students to cater to the demands raised by multinational companies and industries. Dr. Vinay Dwivedi, member DEC introduced the students about various types of schemes running by the Government of India for the welfare of women. He focused basically about Apprenticeship program running by companies including food companies like Mother Dairy, Bombino, Britannia, Priyagold etc. in which the students do apprenticeship after enrolling themselves in UNDPs Apprenticeship Program. After completing the apprenticeship of 6-12 months in which the student will get stipend of around 10000/- pm they will be placed in the same company or any other. 

Workshop on Stress Management & Motivation 21 Dec 2016


Department of Biotechnology organized a one day Workshop on “Stress Management, Motivation and Academic Performance” in association with MCKS Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation, New Delhi. The main purpose of organizing this workshop was to develop the habbit of meditation and concentration in the students. It has been observed that teens at very early stage surround themselves with many negative thoughts which directly and indirectly affect their studies and career. A great initiative has been taken by the MCKS Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation, New Delhi in which they train the students on how to come out with all negative thoughts and concentrate on studies. The workshop proved to be very beneficial for students and also for the faculty members. Special thanks to our B.Sc Biotech III year students Ayushi Singhal and Shruti Sharma for taking initiative and organizing the workshop as an active member of the Pranic Healing Foundation.

BiotechniX - Biotechnology Awareness Program 23 Nov 2016


“BiotechniX-2016: Biotechnology Awareness Program” was organized on 23rd Nov, 2016 by visiting two schools of Modinagar, Chaya Public School and Rukmani Modi Mahila Inter College in which students of class XI and XII were addressed. Dr. Pallavi Mittal and Mrs. Charu Kaushik through PPT and lecture informed the students about Biotechnology as a subject and also what are the career and future opportunities available for the students. The students were also informed about the recent research that is going on in labs and also current discoveries that has been in the field of life sciences particularly in Biotechnology. The students were also distributed certificates for participating in the program.

BiotechniX - 2016 : Trends and Techniques in Biotechnology 21 Oct 2016


5th Annual Workshop “BiotechniX-2016: Trends & Techniques in Biotechnology” was organized on 21stOct, 2016. Students from CSHP Public Memorial School, Ghaziabad participated in the workshop. The students performed Hands-on experiments on different modules designed for them. Hands-on training on Total RBCs count and Isolation of DNA was performed on by Mr. Aditya Gupta; Hands-on training on Agarose Gel Electrophoresis was performed by Dr. Chaitali Chakraborty; Hands-on training on Plant Tissue Culture was performed by Dr. Pallavi Mittal and Hands-on training on Bioinformatics was performed Mrs. Charu Kaushik. Students visited the campus escorted by Mr. Gyan Singh. The Workshop was organized by Dr. Pragya Singh. Thanks to the event coordinators and team of students from B.Sc. III year and II year who very well managed the entire event. All the participants were distributed certificates. 

Workshop on “Statistical Analysis for Scientific and Industrial Application using SPSS” 04 Oct 2016

Department of Biotechnology I.T.S Paramedical College organised a Two Day Workshop on “Statistical Analysis for Scientific and Industrial Application using SPSS” for PG students and B.Sc Final year students from 4th to 5th Oct, 2016. Major topics covered in the workshop were: Data & Types, Variables and Types, Measure of Central Tendency (Mean, Median and Mode), Measure of Dispersion (Range, Std. Deviation and Variance), Hypothesis, Null Hypothesis, Alternative Hypothesis, Test of Significance, t- Test, ANOVA. The outcome of the workshop was: Improved understanding and knowledge in the Statistical analysis, multiple data analyses with SPSS.


Seminar cum workshop on Stem Cell Biology: Hematopoietic Stem Cells 2015

On 13th Feb, 2015 a seminar-cum-workshop was organized on Stem Cell Biology: Hematopoietic Stem Cells. The program was inaugurated by Administrator (ITSPMC) Mr. D S Jolly. He appreciated the departmental efforts in organizing such seminars and workshops on current topics. Principal, Dr. F K Pandey gave a welcome speech and discussed the importance of stem cells in modern context of life science and medical sciences. The invited speakers were Dr. Bharat Bhushan (Head-Training & Consultancy, Lab Legacy), Dr. Vikas Vats (Scientific Advisor-Stem Cell Research), Dr. Amit Kumar (Scientific Advisor- Scientific Support & IPR), Dr. Banajit Bastia (Scientific Advisor-Clinical Research). The technical session was started by Dr. Bharat Bhushan who had an interactive talk with the students and faculty about the stem cells. He told that Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide (through mitosis) to produce more stem cells. They are found in multicellular organisms. In mammals, there are two broad types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells, which are isolated from the inner cell mass of blastocysts, and adult stem cells, which are found in various tissues. Dr. Vikas Vats who is having more than 10 years of experience in Immunological studies in Infectious disease and Stem Cell Research presented his topic on Hematopoietic Stem Cells followed by Dr. Amit Kumar having 12 years in Animal Tissue Culture/ Hybridoma Technology and Patent on Monoclonal Antibody based diagnostic assay delivered lecture on Mononuclear Cells (MNCs). Workshop was conducted after lunch, in which the students were taught to isolate Mononuclear Cells from the animal tissues. The workshop session was headed by Dr. Banajit Bastia and Dr. Bharat Bhushan. 

Training and Workshop on Computational Biology 2014

On 30th April, 2014 Department of Biotechnology organized Workshop on “Computational Biology: A Theoretical Approach to Understand Life Science Puzzle” & Hands-on Training on micro-RNA (miRNA) Target Prediction and Expression Analysis in association with MTA Infortech, Noida. The spokes persons were Er. A. N. Singh (Team Leader, IT Division); Er. H. N. Singh (Research Scientist, Cytogenetics Division; Er. D. Subramanium (Research Scientist, Cytogenetics Division); Dr. C. B . Yadav (Scientist, Bioinformatics Division) and Er. Kr. G. Singh (Scientist, Bioinformatics Division). The program started with the welcome speech of Mr. D S Jolly and by Dr. F K Pandey. The technical session started with seminar on Computer Skills Exigency in Biological Research presented by Er. A N Singh followed by seminar on the topic Application of Cytogenetics in Human Disease Diagnosis: Present Status and Future Prospects presented by Er. H N Singh and seminar on miRNA: Expression Profiling for Targeted Diagnostic as Biomarkers presented by Dr. C B Yadav. Hands-on training was provided to the students on Hands-on Training on micro-RNA (miRNA) Target Prediction and Expression Analysis.


3rd annual workshop Biotechnix-2014 was organized by Department of Biotechnology on 5th May, 2014 for 12th standard students. The workshop was based on recent techniques of Biotechnology. Dr. F.K. Pandey, Principal Biotechnology welcomed the participants in the workshop. The laboratory was divided into three sessions as Bioinformatics, Recombinant DNA Technology and Microbiology. The RDT session consisted isolation of DNA from Plant leaves and demonstration of PCR thermo cycler .Microbiology session consisted identification of bacteria by gram staining method and streak plate method.

·     One Day workshop on Recent Techniques of Biotechnology (Biotechnix -2013)

The Workshop was organized by Department of Biotechnology on 9th May 2013.Guest speaker was Dr. Pankaj Goel, Scientist C, Department of Microbiology, Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi. The Main focus of this workshop is to promotion and awareness of Biotechnology among the students. Total 178 participants with 9 teachers from 7 different schools of Ghaziabad attended the workshop. 

Genomics and proteomics workshop- 2010

The College of Biotechnology at Muradnagar campus conducted the advanced biotechnology workshop titled “Genomics and Proteomics”. The Workshop was organized during 15-22 December, 2010. Dr Tripti Bhatnagar, Director of Codon Biotechnology, Noida was the Chief Guest, Mr D. S. Jolly, Administrator, I.T.S -The Education Group was Guest of Honor and Dr Seema P. Upadhye, Principal, College of Biotechnology, was the Honorary Chairperson for the Workshop. She gave a lucid account of the organization to all the participants and delivered the Keynote address entitled ‘Overview of Developments in Biotechnology’ during the inaugural session. She dealt with the development of new techniques in gene research and other disciplines of biotechnology and their role in human welfare and also shares her views about the Department of Biotechnology and its future plans. Total 28 participants attended the workshop from undergraduate level, research Scholar and faculties of biotechnology and B.D.S Department.The workshop extensively dealt with various aspects of genetic engineering, molecular biology, enzymology and immune technology. The participants were given ample opportunity for hands-on training to enhance their technical skills. In all seven days of workshop all the participants were busy with 12 hours of theoretical and practical sessions. The workshop has brought interaction between scientists like Dr Purnima and Dr Sanjeev in the field of biotechnology and students to upgrade the understanding of concern subjects.
The last day of Workshop , a Valedictory Function was held with Mr Arpit Chadda, Vice Chairman, I.T.S-The Education group and Dr. Seema P. Upadhye, Principal, College of Biotechnology, I.T.S presiding the Valediction. After the customary speeches, all the delegates were awarded certificates of participation. Vote of Thanks was delivered by Dr. Pallavi Mittal, Organizing Secretary of the workshop. Sincere appreciation is offered to all the members of the Organizing Committee for their support and cooperation that lead to the successful outcome of this workshop.

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