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Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapy

The purpose of this unit is to provide specialized care with the view of ultimately returning individuals suffering from cardiac or respiratory conditions to a healthy and productive life . It meets the personnel requirements of critical care unit of I.T.S Hospital which has life support equipments like
1. Advance ventilator- (Purritan Bennet)
2. Defibrillator
3. Electrocardiogram monitor
4. Arterial and Venous Lines
5. Pulse Oxymeter
6. Oxygen transport
7. Monitoring of Fluids
8. Electrolyte balance
9. Suction apparatus
10. Nebulizer



Computerized Spirometer to assess the lung function is performed in the department on an Out-patient basis.

The cardiopulmonary physiotherapy has an essential role in restoring function in patients requiring critical care by using conservative, non invasive approaches




Dr. M.Thangaraj ( M.P.T Cardio-Pulmonary)

Dr. Shilpa Gupta (M.P.T Cardio-pulmonary)


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