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Code of Conduct for Students



·         Arrive to class on time because random arrivals and exits are disrespectful and distracting.


·         Ensure 100% attendance. Must have a valid reason to miss a class and procure prior permission or subsequently give application with reasons.


·         Not to go to canteen or roam outside the department during class hours.


·         Wear proper uniform and identity card before entering the campus as prescribed by the college management. Neck tie or scarf (for girls) be properly put on.


·         Not to use any electronic devices inside the department. All cell phones, smart phones, and other electronic devices must be turned off and kept in the pocket or bag but not on desks during class time.


·         To observe silence and graceful behavior in the class in the absence of teacher.


·         Be polite and respectful towards Faculty and Staff of the college and other students.


·         Study in the library if for any reason entry in class is not permitted or class not attended. Procure permission for library if required.


·         Students using two wheelers must have valid license and authority to use the vehicle and must obtain sticker for parking vehicle inside the campus.


Corporate Conscription


Awards & Ranking