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Code of Conduct



The overall impression of teacher has immense bearing on the attitude and behavior of students and inspires and motivates them to study and behave well which in turn, help them in making of bright careers.

We have fixed parameters for student’s feedback about the faculty which are as under:-

  1. Overall behavior of faculty
  2. Overall control in the class
  3. Whether faculty comes (or reports) in time in the class.
  4. Whether faculty follows time schedule fixed for lectures/practical.
  5. Overall quality of theory lectures.
  6. Overall quality of conduct of practical.
  7. The faculty is able to control the class and create confidence among the students.
  8. Overall knowledge of the subject.

So a faculty must exhibit their knowledge, wisdom, fairness, firmness, flexibility and gracefulness while dealing and interacting with students. Everybody knows that the appearance and well dress up creates first impression.

In light of above we have designed a code of conduct for faculty which is desired to be followed whole heartedly by all faculty members.

Code of Conduct-

  • Faculty must be a role model for students
  • Dress up in formals and reflect a graceful appearance
  • Be punctual and reach for class on time
  • Be well prepared for your day to day lectures
  • Maintain proper discipline in the classroom regarding students behavior and uniform

·         Free class hours must be utilized for preparing notes/lecture plans and maintaining discipline in the corridors of the college. Gossiping to be avoided altogether.

·         Preparation to publish research papers in reputed International / Indian Journals / Conferences. It is crucial parameter which shall be considered at the time of annual appraisals.

·         Keep the knowledge up to date about latest developments taking place in field of their subject and study the journals subscribed by the college.

  • Maintain syllabus coverage records, attendance records, ADR, mentorship file as per guidelines and present them before Administrator / Principal on time.
  • Any instruction given once during meetings or otherwise be carried out to its logical end. Reminders have no place in environment of efficient performance.

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