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Curriculum Enrichment

Our institution is sensitive towards the integration of cross-cutting issues relevant to gender, environment and sustainability, human values, health determinants, Right to Health and emerging issues and Professional ethics. There are several courses in which these issues are addressed extensively.
Human Values:
Inculcation of moral and ethical values is done through subjects Ethics in B.P.T Ist year. Regular events have been conducted on International Women’s Day, National Voter Day, Basant Panchami, etc. to make the students aware of citizenship roles. Our Chairman Dr. R.P.Chadha publishes and distributes various print materials to promote moral and ethical values in students. Some of his prominent publications are “Wisdom Nuggets”, “Shikhar ki Aur”, “Choti si Baat” etc. Besides leaflets with inspirational words are also distributed like “Maa Baap ko Bhulna Nahi”, “Mein Aur Mere Pita”. These are freely available and displayed on the campus at prominent places.
The institution conducts workshops on Meditation and Relaxation by prominent spiritual organizations to give spiritual inputs to the students and faculty.
Health Determinants:
Community Medicine is a part of the BPT 3rd Year Curriculum in which all the health determinants like Mortality rate, Morbidity rate, etc are taught exhaustively. Besides this Millenium Development Goals as described by the UN are also stressed upon.
Right to Health:
The institute advocates the Right to Health as promoted by the Central and State governments. The affiliated I.T.S Surya Hospital runs the PM Swasthaya Yogana in which BPL cardholders are entitled to free treatment. Physiotherapy Services are also provided free along with other medical treatments. Thus the students are well acquainted with the provisions of such schemes for the underprivileged.
Emerging Demographic Issues:
Our institute is situated in a rural belt with low literacy rates. The educated people of this area are also not aware of physiotherapy. The institute has endeavored to spread awareness about physiotherapy services by conducting rural camps on every Sunday & Tuesday. One faculty member along with 2 interns regularly arrange and conduct these camps. The final year students are also given an opportunity for these postings as a part of their curriculum.

Professional Ethics
MPT IInd year curriculum has a subject including Ethics & Medico-Legal aspects in which the students are appraised of these issues in a didactical manner. Students are taught about the Professional Code of Conduct, Ethical Principles in Medical Practice, Delhi Council of Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Act., Consumer Protection Act, etc.
BPT students are also groomed in professional ethics through clinical postings and a rigorous internship program.

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