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Effective leadership

 The institutional administration is participatory in nature and decentralized. Departments of the Institutionare autonomous in terms of their academic and administrative functioning.The leadership of the institution regularly interacts with all stakeholders through direct meetings such as meeting students, parents, meeting faculty members, and administrative staff. This enables the management to obtain feedback from all stakeholders and adapt to the decision-making process.
The Principal and the senior faculty are involved in decision making at various levels. The Institution is always open to discussion with the teaching and non-teaching staff which, in turn, encourages the involvement of the staff for the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of the institutional process,with overall administrative control of the Principal. Specific functions have been decentralized through the formation of various committees headed by a Convener. The Conveners hold regular meetings with members of the committee and proceedings are reviewed by the Principal.
Regular meetings are conducted with the academic and non-academic staff by the Principal. The Suggestions and opinions of the staff members are considered. In Addition to the academic responsibility, full time teaching staff are on
the functional committees that cover all aspects of the governance of the college.

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