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Genetics and Plant Genetic Resources Lab

Genetics and Plant Genetic Resources Lab

 Genetics are deals with Heredity and Variation in organisms. Genetic information is packaged    in chromosomes and encoded in the structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecules.Heamoglobinometer  Blood group testing kit  Light Microscope Chromosome staining kit are presnt in lab.Genetic practical knowledge is to help students to understand paternal test, karyotyping and baby swapping testing.

Plant genetic resources are the raw material that farmers and plant breeders use to improve the quality and productivity of crops. Genetic Resources covers all aspects of plant genetic resources research with original articles in taxonomical, morphological, physiological, biochemical, genetic, cytological or ethnobotanical research on genetic resources and includes contributions to gene bank management: collecting, maintenance, evaluation, storage and documentation.Areas of interest include crop evolution, domestication, crop-weed relationships, agrobiodiversity related wild species and the history of cultivated plants including palaeoethnobotany. Following these more than 7 000 species of plants have been cultivated or collected. Many remain important to local communities where exploiting their potential is crucial to achieving food security.



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