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Guide students list


Name of the PhD/DM/M.Ch/PG scholar Name of the Department Name of the guide Title of the thesis Year of registration of the scholar Year of award of PhD/DM/M.Ch/PG degree
Aafreen Suraiya Physiotherapy  DR.Supriya Sharma Effect of Mulligan in Mechanical Neck Pain 2013 2015
Abhinav Kumar Singh Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj Psychometric evaluation of the Hindi Version Modiffied Borg scale for Assessing Dysponea in Patients wih Chronic Pulmonary Disease 2013 2015
Alok Sharma Physiotherapy  Dr.Deepak Tyagi Immediate Effect of Met on Pain Patients with Plantar Fasciitis 2013 2015
Anshu Physiotherapy  Dr.Richa Sharma Comparison of Conventional Physiotherapy Treatment & PNF Stretching on Knee Osteoarthritis in Females 2013 2015
Anup Kumar Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth A Comparative Study of Effects of Cryotherapy and Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation on Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness 2013 2015
Arvind Gour Physiotherapy  Dr.Amit Sharma Test Retest Reliability of a Clinical Static and Dynamic Standing Balance Measurement Tool 2013 2015
Arti Kushwaha Physiotherapy  Dr.Satish Sharma Effect of Sedative Music on Stress Reduction in Male & Female Stroke Patient 2013 2015
Deepika Chaba Physiotherapy  Dr.Amit Sharma Difference Effect Between Ischemic Compression & Muscle Energy Technique on Upper Trapezius Myofascial Trigger Points in Females: Comparative Study 2013 2015
Ekta Chauhan Physiotherapy  Dr.Amit Sharma Prevalence of Pregnancy-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders & Management Approch to Relieve them Among Pregnant Women in Third trimester   2013 2015
Kanupriya Singhal Physiotherapy  DR.C.S Ram Effect of Eight Week Aerobic Exercise Program in Combination With Strength Training on Body Weight, Waist Circumference & BMI of Young Obese Indian Femails 2013 2015
Khushboo Vij Physiotherapy  DR.C.S Ram Comparison of PNF Stretchin on Mild & Moderate Spastic Knee Joint Rom in Cerebral Palsy Children 2013 2015
MD. Sheeba Kauser Physiotherapy  DR.C.S Ram A Survey to Find Out the Level of Utilization of Physiotherapy Services in Neurological Condition in the Population of Nellore District(A.P. India) 2013 2015
Nazreen Abbasi Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth Comparison of Right Sidelying Left Adductor Pull Back Exercise & 90-90 Hemibridge with Balloon on Hip Adduction Angle in Subjects wih Iliotibial Band Tightness 2013 2015
Payal Kaushik Physiotherapy  Dr.Recha Sharma Relationship Between Iliotibial Band with Low Back Pain 2013 2015
Preeti Maitthani Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj Effect of Mulligan in Frozen Shoulder 2013 2015
Punneta Tyagi Physiotherapy  Dr.Satish Sharma Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Quality of Life in Younger Adults 2013 2015
Sangeeta Shukla Physiotherapy  Dr.Amit Sharma The Effect of Therapeutic Laser Phonophoresis and Ischemic Compression in Management of Upper Trapezius MTPT: A Comparative Study 2013 2015
Saurabh Mishra Physiotherapy  DR.C.S Ram Effects of AFO on Gait in Stroke Patient 2013 2015
Shubhra Gupta Physiotherapy  Dr.Satish Sharma Prevalence of Burnout Syndrome in Multinational Companies 2013 2015
Vicky Choudhary Physiotherapy  Dr.Deepak Tyagi Immediate Effect of Kineso Taping in Forward Bending of the Lumber Spine 2013 2015
Anurag Chakravorty Biotechnology Dr. F.K Panday Isolation and Characterization of Fungus from Infected Part of Pea (Pisum sativum), Production of Protease and Effect of Fungicides and Antifungal 2013 2015
Chetan Sherma Biotechnology Dr. Aditya Kumar Isolation and Characterization of Beneficial Rhizosphere Bacteria for Plant Growth 2013 2015
Gunjan Choudhary Biotechnology Dr. Sweeta Sexana  To Evaluate Effects of Sphingosine 1 Phosphate Pre-treatment on Metabolic Markers of Skeletal Muscle Following Exposure to Hypobaric Hypoxia 2013 2015
Krishana Kumar Choudhary Biotechnology Dr. Ekta Kohali Effects of Pegylated-ZnO nanoparticles on H9C2 cell 2013 2015
Mesh Kumar Vats Biotechnology Dr. Chatali Chakraborty Microbiological Assessment of Drinking Water From Delhi NCR 2013 2015
Neha Choudhary Biotechnology Dr. B.S Heament Kumar Estimation of Neurometabolites in rat brain using invivo proton magnetic resonance Sepectroscopy 2013 2015
Nidhi Chopra Biotechnology Dr. A Kandan Molecular diversity analysis of colletotrichum capsici infecting capsicum annuum using Sequence Related Amplified Polymorphism (SRAP) Marker 2013 2015
Ram Sajivan Yadav Biotechnology Dr. Chatali Chakraborty Production of Amylase by Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Optimization of Culture Conditions 2013 2015
Rashi Singhal Biotechnology Dr. F.K Panday Detection and Characterization of Salmonella Species in Drinking Water form Delhi NCR through PCR 2013 2015
Ritika Sharma Biotechnology Dr. Ekta Kohali Effects of ZnO and TiO2 nanoparticles on H9C2 cell line 2013 2015
Shahnaz Khan Biotechnology Dr. F.K Panday To investigate the removal efficiency of Methylene blue dye by natural biosorbents (Aspergillus niger and jackfruit)  2013 2015
Shuja Haider Biotechnology Dr. Aditya Kumar Isolation of ABECB Microbes and Effect of Antibiotic 2013 2015
Shyam Kumar Gound Biotechnology Dr. Aditya Kumar Production of Acetic Acid from Damage Fruit Microbes 2013 2015
Swasti Malik  Biotechnology Dr. B.S Heament Kumar Diffusion indices estimation in rat brain using diffusion tensor imaging 2013 2015
Swati Solanki Biotechnology Dr. F.K Panday Comparative Study of Antimicrobial Effect of Aqueous Extracts Isolated from Different Indian Spices on Saccharomyces cerevisiae” 2013 2015
Versha Malik Biotechnology Dr. Usha Panjwani Role of Caffeine and Modafinil on Sleep Deprivation Induced Behavioural and Neuroinflammatory Response in Rats 2013 2015
Abdur Raheem Physiotherapy  Dr.Ruchika Madan Effectiveness of Thoracic Spine Mobilization (Non Thrust) With Upper Back Strengthening Exercises Versus Conventional Physiotherapy in Patients With Mechanical Neck Pain 2014 2016
Abhay Prakesh Tiwari Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram To Compare the Effectiveness of MC Connell Patellar Taping and Movement With Mobilization in Chronic Knee Osteoarthiritis 2014 2016
Amit Sharma Physiotherapy  Dr.Supriya Sharam Effect of Physiotherapy Intervention in Improving Functional Disability,Health Related Quality of Life and Sleep in Patient with Chronic Mechanical Neck Pain 2014 2016
Chanchal Vats Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth To Study The Effect of Core Stabilization Exercises in The Treatment of Recurrent Low Back Pain 2014 2016
Jaidevi Arora Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram Measurment of Scapular Asymmetry in Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Using Modified Scapular Slid Test 2014 2016
Jasmine Kaur Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram The Effects of Footwear on Balance and Mobility While Dual Task in Elderly Women Aged 60 to 80 Years Attending a Day Care Hospital 2014 2016
Jyoti Yadav Physiotherapy  Dr.Abha Agochiya Influence of Fine Motor Dexterity and Pinch Grip Strength on Handwriting Speed in Primary School Children of Different Age Group-Correlation Study 2014 2016
Kanika Goel Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth Effectiveness of Functional Balance Training and Resistance Exercise in Physical Disability in Knee Osteoarthritis Randomized Treatment Trial 2014 2016
Khurshida Rehman Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj A Comparative Study to Find Out The Effects of Capsular Stretching Over Muscle Energy Technique in The Management of Frozen Shoulder 2014 2016
Madhuri Dikshit Physiotherapy  Dr.Abha Agochiya Prevlence of Forward Head Posture in Female Tailors With Cervicogenic Headache 2014 2016
Mohd Aamir Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj Effect of Ischemic Compression Technique in Combination With Ultrasound Technique in Treating Upper Trapezius Myofascial Pain Among Common Population 2014 2016
Mohd Naiyar Alam Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj Analysis of Lower Limb Angles During Standing And Stance Phase of Gait in People With or Without Flat Foot 2014 2016
Neha Singh Physiotherapy  DR.Deepak Tyagi Effect of Kinesio Taping on Calf Muscle Fatigue in Collegiate Female Athlete 2014 2016
Ovesh Talashi Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth Effect of Rocker Soled Shoe Design on Walking Economy in Females With Pes Planus 2014 2016
Pooja Sharma Physiotherapy  DR.Deepak Tyagi Immediate Effect of Kinesiology Taping on Pain and Mobility in Patients With Knee Joint Osteoarthritis 2014 2016
Prateek Singh Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram Effect of Kinesio Taping in Low Back Pain And Lumbar Flexibility 2014 2016
Pratima Jaiswar Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram A Study to Evaluate the Effects of McKenzie Intervention in Chronic Non Specific Low Back Pain 2014 2016
Priyanka Hoon Physiotherapy  Dr.Poonam Khdyan Effect of Bilateralarm Training with Auditory Feedback on Upper Extremity Motor Function in Hemiparetic Stroke 2014 2016
Rahul Gaur Physiotherapy  Dr.Poonam Khdyan Comparison Between Different Home Exercise Programs in Patients With Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: An Experimantal Study 2014 2016
Raihana Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj Validity and Rliability of the Tinetti Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment Scale in Individuals with knee Osteoarthritis 2014 2016
Ruchi Kumari Physiotherapy  DR.Deepak Tyagi To Compare the Effect of Balance with Strength Training on Function Stability in Chrinic Ankle Sprain 2014 2016
Shreya Upadhyaya Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram Effect of Kinesio Taping and Conventional Physiotherapy on Disability and Pain in Knee Osteoarthritis 2014 2016
Shruti Garg Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth Comparison of Mulligan Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides and Maitland posterd anterior Mobilization in The Management of Chronic Non Specific Low Back Pain 2014 2016
Shweta Sharma Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram A Comprative Study on the Effectiveness of Dynamic Soft Tissue Mobilization and Muscle Energy Technique in Increasing Hamstring Flexibility in Healthy male Subjects 2014 2016
Divya Sharma Biotechnology Dr. Bram Kumar Tiwari Evaluation of Antoxidative and Antidiabetic Activity of Herbal Tea on Streptozoticin Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats 2014 2016
Farah Ali Biotechnology Dr. Bram Kumar Tiwari Evaluation of Antoxidative of Antioxidative and Hepatoprotective Properties of Extract from Ananas Comousus Leavs in CCI4 Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats 2014 2016
Gargi Tyagi Biotechnology Dr. Bram Kumar Tiwari Antoxidative and Antidiabetic Effacy of Methanolic Extract Tinospora Cordifolia Against Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats 2014 2016
Ishrat Biotechnology Dr. F.K Panday Efficacy of Methanolic Extract of Terminalia Arjun Seed Against Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats 2014 2016
Khushboo Agarwal Biotechnology Dr. Bram Kumar Tiwari Antioxidative and Hepatoprotective Activity of Methanolic Extracrs of Terminalia Arjun Leaves Induce CCI4 in Wistar rats 2014 2016
Akansha Sharma Biotechnology Dr. Aditya Kumar Isolation and Characterization of Microbes form Musa Acuminata to Prevent Spoilage 2014 2016
Neha Rana Biotechnology Dr. F.K Panday Hepatoprotective and Antoxidative Effect of Herbal Tea on CCL4 Induced Wistar Rats 2014 2016
Neha Sing Biotechnology Dr. Aditya Kumar Effect of Honey Plant Extract and Antibiotics on Wound Specific Bacteria Isolated From Hospital 2014 2016
Pooja Chaudhary Biotechnology Dr. Pallavi Mittal Isolation and Characterization of a Novel Alkalo-Halophilic Bacterium and Insights of pH Homeostasis 2014 2016
Priya Singh Biotechnology Dr. Aditya Kumar Study of Probiotic Bacteria Isolated From Fermented Milk Product and Production of Probiotic Chocolate 2014 2016
Sachin Kumar Biotechnology Dr. Bram Kumar Tiwari Hepatoprotective and Antoxidative Effect of Eriobotrya Japonica Fruits Extracts Against CCI4 Induced Wistar Rats 2014 2016
Shaheen Parveen Biotechnology Dr. Saroj Kumar Immobilization of Cellulase in Solid Support and its Applications 2014 2016
Shivani Sharma Biotechnology Dr. Shweeta Gupta  In- House Quality Control Testing of Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) 2014 2016
Shubhangi Sharma Biotechnology Dr. Shweeta Gupta  Quality Control Testing of Bivalent Orl Polio Vaccine (BOPV) 2014 2016
Vaishali Biotechnology Dr. Saroj Kumar Preparation of Lipases Bound Substrate for Industrial Application 2014 2016
Vaishali Teotia Biotechnology Dr. Pallavi Mittal Isolation and Characterization of Lignin Degrading Bacteria From Wood Industry Soil 2014 2016
Aditi Nigam Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth Effect of Care Stabilization Training on Dynamic Balance in Adalescent Soccer Athletes 2015 2017
Ajit Kumar Physiotherapy  Dr.Deepak Tyagi To Compare the Effect of Dry Needling Technique and Ischemic Compression Technique in Treating Upper Trapezius Myofascial Pain Among Common Population  2015 2017
Ankita Tripati Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram Comparision of Pilates Exercises & Conventional Physical Therapy Programs in Low Back Pains 2015 2017
Anuradha Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj Influence of Body Mass Index on Heart Rate Variability (HRV)in Evaluting Function Adolescents of a Selected Indian Population 2015 2017
Bhawna Sharma Physiotherapy  Dr.Poonam Kadian Effect of Tera-Ataxionetric Posturography Programs (Tetrax) on Storke Patients with Impaired Standing Balance 2015 2017
Farah Nahid Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram To Compare the Effectiveness of Endurance traning and Postural Education Along with hot Pack in Patients with acute Neck Pain  2015 2017
Harshita Sharma Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram A Comparative Study in CLBP between Maitland Mobilisation Postural Correction, Postural Correction Strengthening Exercises and Maitland Mobilisation Strengthening Exercises 2015 2017
Mansi Diwakar Physiotherapy  Dr.Poonam Kadian A Study of Level Among Mothers of Cerebral Palsy Children in Comparison to Normal Children 2015 2017
Manveet Kumar Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj To Compare the Effect of Inferior and Antero Posterior Glide Technique for the Improvement in Abduction Range of Motion in Patients of Adhesive Capsulitis 2015 2017
Mehvish Noor Physiotherapy  Dr.Apurva Shrivastava Comparision of Craniovertebral Angle, Neck Flexors and Extensors Strength and Endurance between Spectacles and Non-Spectacles Wearers in Different Age Group 2015 2017
Minakshi Negi Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram Comprative Effect of Dynamic Stretching and ICE BAG. Application on the Performance in Reercational Basket Ball Players A Randomised Crossover Study. 2015 2017
Mohd.Rizwan Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj Effects of Lumbar Stabilization Exercises in Chronic Low back Pain Patients by Using Vas and Oswestary Disability Index. 2015 2017
Nepram Joylalita Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram Comparison of Care Srengthening Versus intensive Dynamic Back Exercises for Chronic non-Specific Low Back Pain in Athletes 2015 2017
Nishat Anjum Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram Effect of Deep Heating with Active Exercises Versus Deep Heating with Manual Mobilization on Patients with Frozen Shoulder 2015 2017
Rajan Choudhay Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth Comparesson of Swiss Ball Push UPS Training and Plyometric Push UPS Training on Increasing Throwing Distance and Accuracy in Cricket Fast Bowlers. 2015 2017
Ruby Physiotherapy  Dr.Apurva Shrivastava Correlation of Standing Lumbar Angle and Incidence of Fall Among the Elderly. 2015 2017
Sampa Biswas Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth Effectivessness of Myofascial Trigger Point Release in Improving Physical Performance for Plantar Heel pain in Athletes 2015 2017
Sikander Rahamani Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram Role of Gluteus Medius Muscle Strengthening in Patients with Chronic Nonspecific Low back Pain. 2015 2017
Sunil Kumar Physiotherapy  Dr.Poonam Kadian Effect of Task-Oriented Training With and Without Trunk Restraint on Reaching Activity of Adult Hemiparetics 2015 2017
Yambem Sawangleima Chanu Physiotherapy  Dr.Deepak Tyagi To Compare the Effectiveness of Caudal Glide Technique and Capsular Stretching in Improving Abduction Range of Motion & Reducing pain in Adhesive Capsulitis of Shoulder 2015 2017
Km.Anjali Biotechnology Dr.Pallavi Mittal Isolation and Characterization of Laccase Production Bacteria 2015 2017
Anjali Tyagi Biotechnology Dr. Sadaf Faitma Green Synthesis of Selver Nanoparticles using Ashwagandha Aqueus Extract Characterization and its Anti-Mircobial Potential 2015 2017
Aradhana Singh Biotechnology Dr.Aruna Satish To Study the Multigenerational Effect of Chronic Exposure of Paraben in Caenorhabditis  Elegans 2015 2017
Charu Kumari Biotechnology Dr.Kapil Dev Evaluation of Drinking Water Supply use in Regions of Jamia Nagar South in Context of Fluoride Concentration and its Relevance Impact on Dental Fluorosis 2015 2017
Chetan Sharma Biotechnology Dr.Aditya Gupta Production of Micro Particulate Whey Based Synbiotic Drink by using Lactobacillus Acidophilus 2015 2017
Dayal Krishna Baruah Biotechnology Dr.Kapil Dev Sereeing of Bactrial Contamination and Antibiotic Susceplibility Test of Potable Drinking Water 2015 2017
Dipankar Bera Biotechnology Dr. Sadaf Faitma Purification and Biophysical Characterization of Protecese Inhibitor Form Vigna Unguiculata 2015 2017
Divya Gupta Biotechnology Dr.Bram Kumar Tiwari Study of Antimicrobial Activity of Cucmis Satives Peel and Lagenaria Siceraria Peel 2015 2017
Hina Yadav Biotechnology Dr.Shweta Gupta Vaccine Versus Oral Polio Vaccine OPV (Batch-E001 to 040) 2015 2017
Km. Kanika Varshney Biotechnology Dr.Moshaid Alam Rizvi Analysis of DNA Methylation in Colorectial Cancer 2015 2017
Karishma Sharma Biotechnology Dr.Aditya Gupta Study of Oat Based Synbiotic Food Product by using Saccharomyces Boulardri 2015 2017
Khushboo Rani Biotechnology Dr.Shweta Gupta Quality Control Testing of Bivalent Oral Polio Vaccine (BOPV) 2015 2017
Km. Kirti Singh Biotechnology Dr.Shweta Gupta Quality Control Testing of Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) 2015 2017
Manisha Sagar Biotechnology Dr.F.K.Panday Study of the Effect of Fortification of Pasteurised Milk With Iron 2015 2017
Mini Gaur Biotechnology Dr.Bhupendra Kumar Antimicrobial Activity of Curcuma Longa and Asparagus Racemosus 2015 2017
Neha Malik Biotechnology Dr.F.K.Panday Choke Point Analysis as Tools in Drug Discovery in Plasmodium Faiciparum 2015 2017
Preeti Sharma Biotechnology Dr.Bhupendra Kumar Antimicrobiol Activity of Ocimum Sanctum 2015 2017
Km. Priyanka Teotia Biotechnology Dr.F.K.Panday Study of the Effect of Fortification of Pasteurised Yogurt With Iron 2015 2017
Pujarini Mohanty Biotechnology Dr.Ashok Patra Molecular Expression and Purification of Recombinant Protein 2015 2017
Rahul Kumar Biotechnology Dr.Pradeep Kumar Sharm To Investigate the Role of Bisphent a in Prostate Cancer Matastasis 2015 2017
Rahul Sharma Biotechnology Dr.Usha  Effect of COX-l an Cox-z Inhibition on Cognition and Related Underling Mechanisms During Hypobaric Hypoxia 2015 2017
Rajan Pal Biotechnology Dr. Debabrata Chanda In Vivo Safety Evaluation of IVTDC 18 in Swiss Albino Mice 2015 2017
Km. Renu Singh Biotechnology DR.Ekta Gupta Seroprevalence of Enterically Transmitted Ttepatits Viruses in Liver Disease Patients in a Super-Speciality Hospital 2015 2017
Rutuparna Rath Biotechnology DR.Pryanka Sharma Antimicrobial Activity of Allum Sativum and Allium Cepa 2015 2017
Shivani Tyagi Biotechnology Dr.Saman Habib Recombinant Expression Purification and Function Characterization of a Yiha Homolog of Plasmodium Falciparum 2015 2017
Sonali Biotechnology Dr. Rayavarapu Raja Gopal Gold Nanospheres and Nanorods Capped With Artesunate Synthesis Characterization and Invitro Toxicity Studied on Lung Carcinoma Cell Line 2015 2017
Sukriti Raj Biotechnology Dr.Bram Kumar Tiwari Antimicrobial Activity of Waste Pulp of Citrus Sinesis and Citrus Limetta 2015 2017
Km.Suruchi Biotechnology Dr.Aditya Gupta Production of cellulase Enzyme by using Cellulosic Waste Substrate and Coir Waste by Aspergillus Niger 2015 2017
Km. Swati Tyagi Biotechnology Dr.Kapil Dev Determination of Fluorid Content in Potable Drinking Water and its Correlation with Skeletal Fluorusus in Some Regions of Wester Uttar Pradesh 2015 2017
Urvashi Bhatnagar Biotechnology Dr. Ranjana Patnik In Silieo Screening of a Small Molecular Inhibitoss of RIP 1 KINASE a Mediatior of Necrottotie Neuronal Cell Death 2015 2017
Vaishali Biotechnology Dr.Pallavi Mittal Isolation and Characterization of Alkalophilic Bacteria 2015 2017
Yogyata Kumari Biotechnology Dr.F.K.Panday Production of Amylase by Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisia and Enzymatic Assay Under Optimum Conditions 2015 2017
Aakash Singh Biotechnology Dr.F.K.Panday Antimicrobial Effect of Aqueous Extracts Isolated from Different Spices on Yeast An in Vitro Study 2015 2017
Pooja Mishra Biotechnology Dr.Neha Mittal Effect of Heavy metal (Cadmium and Zinc on Different Plants) 2015 2017
Aditya Shanker Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth To Study the Relations Between Dynamic Balance and Dermiment Foot in Young Indian Foot Balles 2016 2018
Annapurna Physiotherapy  Dr.Poonam Kadian Effect of EMG Biofeed-Back Along with Electrical Stimulation for the Patient with Bell's Palsy 2016 2018
Ansu Kumar Physiotherapy  Dr.Poonam Kadian Efficancy of Immeliation Applications of Ultrasound with Soft Tissue Mobilization & PNF and Ultrasound with static Streching on Trepezices Trigger Points. 2016 2018
Bhanu Tanwer Physiotherapy  Dr.Baljeet Kaur Correlations Between Balance & Functional Mobility in Community Dwelling Elderly 2016 2018
Deepika Chauhan Physiotherapy  Dr.Poonam Kadian Comparative Study on Effect of Mekenzie and Core Strenthening in Chronic Low Back Pain Patient. 2016 2018
Tftikhar Khan Physiotherapy  Dr.Priyanka Comparison of Mulligan Sustained Natural Apophyseal Gliges and Maitland Postero Anterior Mobilisation Management of Chronic Low Back Pain. 2016 2018
Iyman Altaf Physiotherapy  Dr.Shilpa Gupta Effect of Cold Water on Musculoskeletal Symptoms in Kashmir Populations 2016 2018
Priya Singh Physiotherapy  Dr.Baljeet Kaur Comparison of Repetitive ARM Training with Auditory Cecing and Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy on Upper Extremity Motor Funcation in Hemiparetic Stocke. 2016 2018
Manu Sharma Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth Effect of Taping on Plantsar Fasciitis 2016 2018
Megha Bhardwaj Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth The  Effect of Applying Superficion Heat or Cold Follored by Stretching on Hamstring Flexitlity. 2016 2018
Nilofar Rasheed Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj Effect of Low Back Pain on Low Back Disability Index of Health Related Quality of Life in Physitherapists. 2016 2018
Nitisha Sethi Physiotherapy  Dr.Supriya Sharma Comparative Study for Immediate Effectiveness of Muscle Energy Technique and Kinesio Taping Using Mulligan Techinique in Sacrailiac Dys-Function Randomised Clinical Trial. 2016 2018
Payal Jain Physiotherapy  Dr.Supriya Sharma Prise VS Cryokinetics in Acule Ankle Sprain in Reliving Pain, Swelling and Improving Functional Outcome for Age Group 20-45 Years in Both Sea. 2016 2018
Pratulya Physiotherapy  Dr.Devesh Seth Core Muscle strengthing for Recurrent Back Pain 2016 2018
Pravesh Kumar Physiotherapy  Dr.Priyanka Effect of PNF Technique on Hamstring Flexibility in Sedentary Young Adult. 2016 2018
Rahul Nautiyal Physiotherapy  Dr.Deepak Tyagi Effect of Prone Back Extension Exercises Versus Swiss Ball Exercises on Back Extensor Muscles Through Biering Sorensen Enduranee Test 2016 2018
Ritu Tyagi Physiotherapy  Dr.Supriya Sharma Effect on Mental Health in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients Before & After Core Stability Exercises. 2016 2018
Sadaf Parveen Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj Effects of Forward Versus Backward Peadaling on Pain Disability and Functionnal Performance in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients. 2016 2018
Sangeeta Ghosh Physiotherapy  Dr.Ajit Kumar Short Term Effects of Phonophroresis Versus Manual Therapy in the Treatment of People with Subacromial Pmpingement Syndome 2016 2018
Sanjay Kumar Metho Physiotherapy  Dr.Deepak Tyagi Effectiveness of Deep Trensverse Friction Massage and Ultrasound Theraphy on Reducing Pain and Improving range of Motion in Idopathic Frozen Shoulder A Comparative Study 2016 2018
Saud Akhter Khan Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram Role of Gluteus Medicus Muscle Strenthning in Patient with Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain. 2016 2018
Saurav Anand Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram Effects of Continuous Passive Motion After Total Knee Replacement. 2016 2018
Shivani Shrivastava Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram Preferential Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO) Strengthning Using Burst Modulated Kilohertz Frequancy Alternattinbg Current During Close Kinetic Chain Exercises: AN EMG and Perfortmance Based Analysis 2016 2018
Sugendha Juneja Physiotherapy  Dr.Prriyanka Rani Comparitive Study on Effect of Shackloock Rlerral Mobilization and Meckenzie Cevical Extension (Retraction) Principale on Cervical Radiculopathy Patients 2016 2018
Sumbul Khan Physiotherapy  Dr.M.Thangaraj Effect of Prone Back Extensor Exercises Versus Swiss Ball Exercises Muscles Through Biering Sorensen Enduramic Test.  2016 2018
Sumit Kumar Physiotherapy  Dr.Baljeet Kaur Comparison of Interferential Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise Versus on Knee Osteoarthrites. 2016 2018
Sunil Kumar Nirala Physiotherapy  Dr.C.S Ram The Therapeutic Effect of Kinesio Tape on Grade-1 Lateral Ankle Sprain. 2016 2018
Vinita Physiotherapy  Dr.Shilpa Gupta The Effect of Planlar Fascitis an Multi- Segment Foot Running Gait Kinematics. 2016 2018
Adrash Kumar Biotechnology Mr.Ritesh Kumar Sefrty Evaluation of a Polyherbal Formulation A 28 Day Repeated Dose Dermal Toxicity Study with (CDRF/28D/18) in Wistar Rats 2016 2018
Akanksha Verma Biotechnology Dr.Ankita Varshney Endogenous Toxin Hippuric Acid Inhibits The Therapeutic Efficts of Drugs in Human Plasma 2016 2018
Akansha Tyagi Biotechnology Dr.Neeraj Verma A Study of Chemical and Microbiogical Testing of the Products of Dabur India LTD. 2016 2018
Akanksha Tyagi Biotechnology Dr.Neeraj Verma Evaluation of eNOS MRNA Expression in Ladakhi and Lowtand Women 2016 2018
Alpi Sharma Biotechnology Dr.Kavita Shrivastava Analysis Raw Meterials in different Product and Finished Good Produced in Dabur India LTD. 2016 2018
Amisha Gangwar Biotechnology Dr.Priyanka Sharma In Vitro Antimicrobil study of Asparagus Racemous Extracts Against Different Bacteria 2016 2018
Anjali Gaur Biotechnology Dr. Ragumani Sugadev  A Pilot Study Find the Pattern of Asthma in Delhi Including 100KM Raduis of Same Using Online Questionnaire 2016 2018
Arun Kumar Biotechnology Dr. Deepika Sarawat Effect of Hypobaric Hypoxia on Rat Brain 2016 2018
Ayushi Sharma Biotechnology Dr.Poonam Rana  Metabolic Profiling of Gastrointestinal Tissue Fallowing Irradiation using Nuchear Magentic Resonance Spectroscopy 2016 2018
Deepali Bhatiya Biotechnology Dr.Priyanka Sharma Antimicrobial activity of Alovera Extracts against Some Bacteria 2016 2018
Deepika Biotechnology Dr.Tarun Gupta Isolation Characterization and Optimization of Bactrial Lassase Enzyme Production 2016 2018
Devesh Kumar Biotechnology Dr.Neha Atale Evaluation of Antioxident and Antimicrobiol Activity of Green Synthesized Silver Nanoparticales Using Plant Extracts A Comparative Study 2016 2018
Divya Rani Biotechnology Dr.Amit Kumar Jaswal Haemotology 2016 2018
Jigyasha Arya Biotechnology Dr.Charu Verma Biochemical Analysis of Pectin Methylesterase (PME) in Banana Ripening 2016 2018
Jyoti Biotechnology Dr.Anantnarayan Bhatt Educidating the Effect of Mithochondrial Uncoupling on Radiation Response in IN-Vitro Cellular Model System 2016 2018
Jyoti Sharma Biotechnology Dr.F.K Pandey Study on Production of Pencillin using Different Chrobhydrate Sources A Comparative Analysis 2016 2018
Meenakshi Rana Biotechnology Mr.Ritesh Kumar Safety Evalution of A Polycherbal Formulation A Sub Acute Oral Toxicity Study 2016 2018
Priyanka Kaushik Biotechnology Dr.Vipin Kumar Sani Production and Characterization of Amylase Producted by Bacillus Megaterium 2016 2018
Priyanka Singh Biotechnology Dr.J.P Prasad Effect of PH on Aggregate Formation and Hemoloysis Due to Haemunoglobulin Preparation 2016 2018
Rani Jaiswal Biotechnology Dr. Mausumi Bhardwaj Evolution of NFKBLA SNPs in Association with Cervial Cancer 2016 2018
Samiksha Bhal Biotechnology Dr.Usha Panjwani Molecular Mechquism Involue in Hypoboric Hypobaric Hopoia Induced Fear Impairment 2016 2018
Shanky Tyagi Biotechnology Dr.Manu Babbar Formulation and Evaluation of Ibuprofen Oral Suspension 2016 2018
Sapna Biotechnology Dr. T. P. Baburaj  Effects of Heat Stress on a Opoptotic Markers in Rat Skepctal Muscle 2016 2018
Shelly Tyagi Biotechnology Dr. T. P. Baburaj  Effect of Heat Stress on Heat Shock Protein in Rat Skeletal Muscle 2016 2018
Shubham Kaushik Biotechnology Dr.F.K Pandey IN- Vitro Evaluation of Antimicrbial Potential of Spices on Yeast 2016 2018
Shweta Biotechnology Dr.Vipin Kumar Sani Production of Lignocellulosis Ehanol by Bacterial Cellulase 2016 2018
Swati Verma Biotechnology Dr.Charu Verma Molecular Analysis of Pectin Methyl Esterase (PMP) in Banana Ripening 2016 2018
Vashali Sisodia Biotechnology Dr.Kavita Shrivastava Analysis of Medicinal Herbs and Herbal Products 2016 2018
Versha Biotechnology Dr.Amanjot Kaur Production and Characterization of Amylase from Bacterial Isolate 2016 2018
Vishakha Tyagi Biotechnology Dr.Manu Babbar Formulation and Evaluation (Antifungal and Setroidal Cream) 2016 2018
Abdul Shahid Khan Physiotherapy  Dr. M. Thangaraj The Effects of Spinal Extensor Muscles Endurance Exercise for the Pain and Disability in the Patient with Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain 2017 2019
Aminoor Physiotherapy  Dr. Nishant Tyagi Comparison of Passive Manual Stretching and High Frequency Transutaneous Electrical Nerve Sitmulation on Spasticity in Stroke Patients 2017 2019
Angshuman Das Gupta Physiotherapy  Dr. M. Thangaraj Effect of Short Term Comprehensive Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Improving Functional Exercise Capacity and Quality of Life in Patients with Severe Copd 2017 2019
Anmol Kumar Singh Physiotherapy  Dr. Deepak Tyagi Comparison Between One Fifth One Third and One Half of Body Weight Lumbar Traction on Straight Leg Raises Test and Pain in Intervertebral Disc Prolapse 2017 2019
Emy Jo Titus Physiotherapy  Dr. Devesh Seth EMG Analysis of Trunk Musculature During Exercise on Unstable Surface in Tertiary Setup 2017 2019
Fauzia Akram Physiotherapy  Dr. Baljeet Kaur Effect of Visual Feedback Through Mirror on Gait Stroke Patients 2017 2019
Hridyansh Sinha Physiotherapy  Dr. Devesh Seth Effect of Isometric Exercise and Nmes to Relief Pain of Knee Patient with Chronic Osteorthritis 2017 2019
Kanchan Singh Tomer Physiotherapy  Dr. Nishant Tyagi Effectiveness of Trial and Error Learning Versus Errorless Learning in Improving Retention of Activities in Acute Stroke Patients 2017 2019
Km. Roopal Tyagi Physiotherapy  Dr. Supriya Sharma Study of Effect of Different Hip Position in Isometric Quadricps Strengthening on Osteoarthritis Knee 2017 2019
Komal Aggarwal Physiotherapy  Dr. Baljeet Kaur Correlation Between Short Term Memory Standing Balance and Postural Limis in Elderly Fallers 2017 2019
Manish Kumar Physiotherapy  Dr. Shipra Seth Effctiveness of Maitland Mobilization Technique Over Cyriax Technique on Patient With Idiopathic Shoulder Adhestue Capsulitis 2017 2019
Manish Singh Physiotherapy  Dr. C.S. Ram Effects of Isotonic Isometric and Combined Exercises Protocol on Chronic Neck Pain 2017 2019
Manoj Kumar Arya Physiotherapy  Dr. Baljeet Kaur To Study the Effect of Footwear on Balance and Functional Mobility in Elderly 2017 2019
Maryam Dilshad Physiotherapy  Dr. M. Thangaraj The Efficacy of Ultrasound Therapy on Dysfunction of Temporomandibular Joint 2017 2019
Md. Guraiz Iqbal Physiotherapy  Dr. M. Thangaraj The Effect of Strength Training Ankle Function Instability in Chronic Anckle Instability Patients 2017 2019
Nazia Parveen Physiotherapy  Dr. Ruchika Gupta Study of Effect of Lower Limb Position on Static Quadrtceps Exercise in Osteoarthritis Knee 2017 2019
Nisha Sharma Physiotherapy  Dr. Ruchika Gupta Effect of Muscle Energy Technique and Conservative Exercises on Pain, Range of Motion and Shoulder Function in Patients with Frozen Shoulder 2017 2019
Pappu Kumar Yadav Physiotherapy  Dr. Supriya Sharma Comparative Study Between Mckenzieand Core Exercises in Chronic Low Back Pain 2017 2019
Poonam Singh Physiotherapy  Dr. Supriya Sharma Comparison of Anterior Versus Posterior Glide Mobilisation Techniques for Improving Internal Rotation Range of Motion in Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis 2017 2019
Pragati Chaturvedi Physiotherapy  Dr. C.S. Ram Study on Usefullness of Motor Imagery on Upper Limb Function in Stroke Patients 2017 2019
Prakriti Sharma Physiotherapy  Dr. Supriya Sharma Estimating Balance Fear of Fall and Quality of  Life in Young Obese Females 2017 2019
Prerna Mishra Physiotherapy  Dr. Shipra Seth Multimodal Therapy in Cervicogenic Headachea Randomized Controlled Trial 2017 2019
Priyanka Pachori Physiotherapy  Dr. Devesh Seth The Effect of Proprioceptive Exercises and Strenghtening Exercises in Improving Pain and Functional Ability in Knee Osteoarthritis A Comparative Study 2017 2019
Ramna Sood Physiotherapy  Dr. C.S. Ram Effectiveness of Straight Leg Stretching Versus Myofascial Release in Patients with Muscle Tightness  2017 2019
Ranjana Saini Physiotherapy  Dr. C.S. Ram A Study to Compare the Effect of Mcknzie Exercises with Resistancs Versus Mckenzie Exercises Along in Sub Acute Non Spccific Low Back Pain 2017 2019
Reshma Farheen Physiotherapy  Dr. C.S. Ram Effect of Rigid Taping of Scapulothoracic Region on Shoulder Impingement Syndrome 2017 2019
Robina Shamim Physiotherapy  Dr. Deepak Tyagi Comparison Between Ultrasonic Therapy and Transculaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) in the Treatment of Shoulder Joint Pain 2017 2019
Rohit Yadav Physiotherapy  Dr. Ruchika Gupta Comparison Between Stright Leg Raise and Bent Leg Raise Stretching Technique for Increasing Hamstring Flexibility 2017 2019
Saba Naaz Physiotherapy  Dr. Baljeet Kaur Efficacy of Verbal and Manual Guidance as Knowledge of Result on the Motor Learning of Close Kinematic Motor Skill in Healthy Adults 2017 2019
Sara Ansari Physiotherapy  Dr. Baljeet Kaur Outcome of Core Stabilization on Patient Indicated Sukgery for Chronic Low Back Pain 2017 2019
Sayntan Chattopadhya Physiotherapy  Dr. C.S. Ram The Effect of Outpatient Based Versus Home Based Physiotherapy Programme in Patients with Post Operative Head and Neck Cancer 2017 2019
Shweta Kumari Physiotherapy  Dr. Baljeet Kaur Comparison Between Elderly Subject Living in Elderly cake centers and their own Residental set up on Motivation in Leisure Activities  2017 2019
Sindhu Tiwari Physiotherapy  Dr. Deepak Tyagi Changes in Grip Strength and Functional Activities of Hand in Unilateral Radiculoaathy 2017 2019
Suchita Nidhi Physiotherapy  Dr. Devesh Seth A comparative Study to Assess Efficacy of Myofascial Release Technique Along with Stretching Versus Myofascial Release Technique Along with Taping in Patients Having Chronic Planter Fasciits 2017 2019
Swati Hajelay Physiotherapy  Dr. Nishant Tyagi Comparison of Upper Limb Functional Outcomes in Strocke Patients Receving Motor Relearning Programme (MRD) Vs. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) 2017 2019
Swati Jha Physiotherapy  Dr. Ruchika Gupta Met and Stretching in Myofascial Pain Syndrome of Upper Fiber of Trapezius A Compartive Study 2017 2019
Sweta  Physiotherapy  Dr. Deepak Tyagi Effect of Muscle Energy Technique on Chronic Plantar Fascitis 2017 2019
Vineet Kumar Physiotherapy  Dr. Nishant Tyagi Effect of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation of Agonist and Antagonist Muscles of Thigh on Mastrings Spasticity in Cerebral Palsy 2017 2019
Aakansha Sharma Biotechnology Dr.Ravinder Kumar Isolation Identification and Antibiotic Susceptibi-  lity of Staphyloccus Aureus From Urine Sample 2017 2019
Aastha Bhardwaj Biotechnology Dr.Laishram Rajender Isolation Purification and Characterization of Human Transthyretin (TTR) 2017 2019
Animika Talukdar Biotechnology Dr. Pallavi Mittal Evaluation of Lignloytic Enzyme Produce D By Isolated Bacterial Strains 2017 2019
Ayushi Singhal Biotechnology Dr.Anant Narayan Bhatt Screeing and Evaluation of Different Mitocondrial Uncouplers (DNP-BHT and BAM-15) Induced Adioprotection in Murine Fibroblast (NIH/313) Cells 2017 2019
Ayushi Yadav Biotechnology Dr.Brahm Kr Tiwari In Vitro Study of Phytochemical Screeing and Antibactrial Activity of Tagetes Erecta Leaves and Flowers 2017 2019
Geetika Tyagi Biotechnology Dr.Brahm Kr Tiwari In Vitro Study of Antimicrobial Activity of Phyllantus Embica Leaf and Brak Extract on Different Bacterial Strains 2017 2019
Iream Naaz Biotechnology Mr.M.S Nagi Microbial Examinatiuon of Drinking Water & Waste Water Analysis 2017 2019
Kamna Rani Biotechnology Dr Mohamad Faruq Genetic Diagnosis Protocol for Young Onset Parkinsonis Discase. 2017 2019
Manisha Arora Biotechnology Dr.Kran Veer Singh Genetic Characterization of Buffaloes Meghalaya State Using Microsatellite Markers and Mitochondrial D-Loop Sequencing 2017 2019
Manvi Gaur Biotechnology Dr.Anuj Bansal In Vitro Immuno-Cellular Responses to Different Multi-Epitope Pepides as Candidate Vaccine Molecules Targeted Against Salmonella 2017 2019
Megha Gahlot Biotechnology Dr.R.S Kataria Associattion Analysis of Alldic Diversity at DQA Locus of Bovine MHC Region with Clinical Mastitis in Indicus and Crossbred Cattle    2017 2019
Minakshi Biotechnology Dr. Neha Mittal Analysis of Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Medicinal Plant Leaf and Stem Extracts Against Bactrial Strains 2017 2019
Neha Sharma Biotechnology Dr.Vipin Kr.Saini Production of Cellulase Enzyme from Bacterial Isolate for Conversion of Cattle Waste into Ethanol 2017 2019
Neha Tyagi Biotechnology Dr.Sachin Gupta Manufacturing and Testing of Metformine Tablet (Antidiabetic Drug) 2017 2019
Neha Chaudhary Biotechnology Mr.Neeraj Sharma Evulation and Comparison of Antimicrobial Profile of Spices Against Bactrial 2017 2019
Nidhi Sharma Biotechnology Dr.Raman Chawla Topical Phqsphodiesterase-5 Enzyme Inhibitor Improves Wound Helaing of Radiation Induced Skin Injory 2017 2019
Pinki Pal Biotechnology Mr.Jaipal Meena Standardization and Validation of Vericella Vaccine ( By-In Vitro Microtitration Method) 2017 2019
Prachi Malik Biotechnology Mr.Neeraj Sharma A Study on Microbial Analysis of Ayurvedic Medicines Beverages Food Products and Study of Preservative Effecacy 2017 2019
Prince Biotechnology DR.Rich Role of Myokines in Sekletal Muscles Under Chronic Hypobaric Hypoxia 2017 2019
Priyanka Biotechnology Dr.Richa Role of Muscle Pepides in Skeletal Muscles Under Aging 2017 2019
Priyanka Sharma Biotechnology Mr.Bhaskar Nand  Phytochemical and Physiochemical Analysis of  Phyllanthus Emblica 2017 2019
Rashika Gupta Biotechnology Dr Manisha Sharma Enrichment and Quantification of Synaptic Protein from Rat Brain 2017 2019
Reena Kumari Biotechnology Dr.Neeraj Kumar  Development of in House PCR Method for Screening HLA DR3 Positive Indivuls 2017 2019
Shalini Srivastava Biotechnology Dr.Anuj Bansal Induction of Humoral Immune Response and Antibody Memory Response by Immunization With a Novel Peptide Y7 Against Salmonella Infection in Mouse Typhoid Model 2017 2019
Shalu Chaudhary Biotechnology Kavita Shrivastava Analysis of Curcume Longa (Turmeric) 2017 2019
Shanu Vishwakrma Biotechnology Dr.Archana Prakash Comparative Whole Cell Proten Profile Analysis of Lactic a CID Bacteria and Their Role Molasses Fermentation 2017 2019
Shiva Mishra Biotechnology Dr.Rajumani  Network Analysis for Tissue Specific Temporal Dynamic Hypoxia Responsive Motifs 2017 2019
Shivani Sharma Biotechnology Mr.Bhaskara Nand Phytochemical and Physiochemical Analysis of Withenia Somuifera (Ashwagandha) 2017 2019
Subham Tyagi Biotechnology Dr.Anil Kr. Mishra Physical and Microbial Analysis of Drinking Water Delhi Jal Board 2017 2019
Shweta Tyagi Biotechnology Dr.Meenakshi Dhiya Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Ofazilsartan 2017 2019
Smita Pandey Biotechnology Dr.M.S. Nagi A Study onWater and Sewage Treatment and Effectiveness of the Alum a ND Pac on Water and Waste Water 2017 2019
Smriti Shandilya Biotechnology Dr.Md.Imtaiyaz  Experession Purification and Fulorescience Binding Study of Human Mitochondrial Carbonic Antiydrase va with natural Compounds 2017 2019
Sonam Yadav Biotechnology Dr.Yoginder Pal Singh Rapid Detection of Mycobacterium and First Line Drug Resistance by Genexpert MTB/RIF Assay 2017 2019
Sumit Choudhary Biotechnology Dr.Anil Kr. Mishra  Physical Chemical and Biological Analysis of Drinking Water Delhi Jal Board 2017 2019
Surbhi Verma Biotechnology Dr.Brahm Kr Tiwari In Vitro Study Antimicrobial Activity of Plant Extractas Against Bacterial and Fungal Strains 2017 2019
Divya Sodhi Biotechnology Dr.Sudhir Choudhary  Study of Reticulocyte Percentage Changes in Rat Peripheral Blood in Response to Ionizing Radiation 2017 2019
Lily Rana Biotechnology Dr.A.K.Teotia  Isolation and Identification of Bacterial from The Surface of Mobile Phones and Coumpter Keyboard & Development of Microbioligical Assay Methods of Cefepine 2017 2019
Himanee Biotechnology Dr.G.N. Singh Filgarstim Biosimilars and Analysis of Levonogestrel & Ethinyloestradiol Tablets by Using High Performance Liqued Chromatography (HPLC) 2017 2019

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