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Internal Exams and Improvement Exams

 The Institute aims to ensure that academics are the top priority of the students during the course of their study in the college. The following exams are held in the college to access the learning of students and also as a mandatory requirement of the curriculum as stipulated by the University.


Internal Exams

The Internal evaluation is a comprehensive procedure. Its objetives are met through the following measures

1. Continous monitoring of student in class for his/her performance during interaction with teachers in classes.

2. Performance in Internal Exams which are held once in each semester.

3. Performance in class tests.


Dates of Internal Exams ( for Annual Pattern Courses)

First Internal Exam- First week of January

Second Internal Exam- First Week of April


The Internal marks are be displayed on the notice board of the college after each exam. The Internal exams marks are also sent to parents for information.



Improvement Exams

We support all students in improving their performance for those students who have scored less than satisfactory marks or minimum marks in Internal exams. 

 Mid-course Improvement exams are held after Internal exams for these students. Attendance in Improvement exams is compulsory. 

Incase a student fails to improve upon his/her performance even after Improvement Exams then the following measures are taken to support the student

1. Remedial Classes (for which the student will have to come to the college seperately)

2. Assignments to improve his/her understanding.

3. Tests to monitor his/her learning. 

Corporate Conscription


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