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Learning Outcomes BPT MPT


Graduate Attributes of BPT & MPT Candidates:

On completion of the course of study and having successfully passed all examinations and completed rotational internship, the candidate would be able to achieve a satisfactory level of efficiency in  selection and application of an exercise therapy technique and electrotherapy modality suitable to a condition.

Learning Outcomes of BPT & MPT programs as adopted by the institution are as follows


The students will undergo theoretical and practical study as stipulated in the syllabus and be able to:


a.      To detect & evaluate anatomical, patho-physiological and psychosomatic impairments resulting in physical dysfunction in various age groups, occupations & arrive at appropriate diagnosis.

b.      To understand the rationale and basic investigative approach to medical diseases & surgical interventions; & accordingly plan & implement specific Physiotherapy measures effectively.

c.       To be able to select strategies for cure & care; adopt restorative & rehabilitative measures for maximum possible independence of a client at home, work place & in the community.

d.      To maintain healthy relationships & co-partnership with various professionals in the health delivery system in the primary interest of a client.

e.       To ensure quality assurance & motivate the client & her/his family for desirable client compliance.

f.       To develop communication skills for the purpose of transfer of suitable technique to be used creatively at various states of treatment, compatible with psychological status of the beneficiary.

g.      To promote health in general in Geriatrics, Women’s health, Industrial Therapy as well as at competitive level, such as sports, keeping in mind National health policies.

h.      To practice professional autonomy & ethical principles with referral as well as first contact clients in conformity with ethical code for Physiotherapists.


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