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List of Mentors

 As per Institute's policy each student will be alloted one mentor. Students are advised to disscuss issues related to learning difficulties and other issues which are disturbing their studies with their mentors. The aim of mentorship is not just to enable the student to cope up with the academics but also to make him/her capable to excel in it. The ultimate aim of mentorship to make students a holistic individual with career orientation.

Students are advised to contact Class Coordinators to know their mentor. Each faculty member is a mentor to one student or the other. 

List of Mentors 

I.T.S Institute of Health & Allied Sciences 
Mentorship List 2021-22
BPT 1st Year 01-20 Dr. Bhawna Sharma
21-40 Dr. Vibha Mishra
41-60 Dr. Shikha Verma
60-76 Dr. Kalpana Sharma
BPT 2nd Year 01-20 Dr. Shilpa Gupta
21-40 Dr. Nazreen Abbasi
41-62 Dr Sushant Bharadwaj
40-52 Dr Aakanksha Bajpai
52-62 Dr. Nishant Tyagi
BPT 3rd Year 01-15 Dr. Deepak Tyagi
16-30 Dr. Vicky Choudhary
31-45 Dr. Mansi Dewan
46-60 Dr.Mansi Sharma
BPT 4th Year 01-15 Dr. Baljeet Kaur
16-30 Dr. Singh Swathi Kumari
31-45 Dr. Dolly Aggarwal
46-60 Dr. Ruchika Gupta
MPT 1st Year 01-20 Dr. Devesh Seth
21-40 Dr. Shipra Seth
MPT 2nd Year 01-20 Dr. M. Thangaraj
21-39 Dr. C.S.Ram


Mentorship List 2021-22
B.Sc. Biotechnology 2nd Year O1-14 Dr. B.K. Tiwari
15-27 Dr.  Pallavi Mittal
B.Sc. Biotechnology  3rd Year 01-14 Dr. Vipin Kumar Saini
15-30 Dr. Aruna Gupta
31-42 Mrs. Charu Kaushik
M.Sc. Biotechnology 2nd Year 01-09 Dr. Vibha

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