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Medical Department

Anatomy deals with a lot of disciplines i.e. developmental anatomy or embryology, osteology, angiology, myology, radiology, histology, comparative anatomy and gross anatomy

The principal level of focus of physiology is at the level of organs and systems. Physiology is the study of these systems' integrated functions and the processes by which they maintain the milieu interieur, or internal environment.

"Today's Biochemistry is Tomorrow's Medicine" The teachers make subject interesting, encouraging, aiding students with knowledge and fundamentals of the subject important to the physiotherapy students. An understanding of modern Biochemistry is impossible without an introduction to experimental methods for which I.T.S has provided well equipped laboratories and clinical material. The latest methods of investigations & demonstrations are undertaken in the lab and taught to the BPT students.

Pathology clarifies the cause and mechanism of disease and explains scientifically the structural and functional changes seen in diseased organ and tissues at macroscopic, microscopic and molecular levels & cellular levels.

Microbiology is one of the largest and most complex of the biological sciences as it deals with many diverse disciplines including Life ,Food Dairy, Drugs, agriculture, Industry, Environment , Outer space apart from public health & infectious diseases . B.P.T Students in the Deptt. are made to learn the impact of this science on their day to day professional life.

It gives all aspects of knowledge about drugs, but most importantly those that are relevant to effective and safe use for medicinal purposes.Pharmacology not only gives the background knowledge of the drugs but also make a solid platform for future practice.

General Medicine
General Medicine is one of the very important branches of clinical practice. It covers the aspects such as: Common infections, systemic based diseases i.e. neurology, cardiology, respiratory, nephrology that are relevant to all medical specialties.

General Surgery
General Surgery is taught to IIlrd year B.P.T. students through didactic sessions and clinical cases which are obtained in the General Hospital. Emphasis is laid on the clinical approach to the patients disease as a whole and the different modalities of surgical treatment. At I.T.S we have a surgical O.P.D with a high inflow of patients for whom meticulous treatment is provided at a nominal rate.


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