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Policy Documents

Policy for Faculty and Staff Welfare


The management has put in place a number of welfare measures for faculty and staff.  These include:

·         Provident fund is made available to staff and faculty as per Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act (1952).

·         Employee state insurance scheme (ESIC Act 1948) is adopted by the institution for the welfare of the staff and faculty.

·         Free/Subsidized Health Care: Free/subsidized consultation, examination, investigation and treatment are available for staff and faculty, under the ‘I.T.S.  Health Care’ system.

·         Free Out-patient consultation is also available at the Surya hospital for the staff and their families.

·         Insurance against death and injury from accidents – Staff and faculty are insured against death and injury due to accident. 

·         Financial concession for admission of children/spouses of faculty and staff to any undergraduate and postgraduate programs run by the management.

·         Financial support to faculty for attending conferences and Continuing Professional Programs.

·         Accommodation to staff and faculty is provided within the campus.

·         Incentive scheme for marriage of staff or his/her immediate relative also exists in the institution.

·         The management also provides  a Children education scheme for the staff. Tuition fee of maximum two children of non-teaching staff with monthly salary less than Rs 20,000/- is reimbursed upto Rs 750/- per month per child till 12th standard only.

·         Leave Travel concessions (LTC) is provided to both teaching and non-teaching staff after completion of 5 and 10 years of service. Those who have completed 5yrs are given Rs 10,000 along with 3 days leave and those who have completed 10yrs are given Rs 30,000 along with 5 days leave. Non-teaching staff who have completed 3 yrs of service and whose salary is less than Rs 15,000/- are given financial support for their marriage as well as their family members. 

·         All staff members who are not under ESIC coverage are entitled for the MEDICLAIM and accidental policy.

 Maternity leave is given as per the rules and regulations of the institute.

·         Campus facilities like Residence, Gym, Yoga, and Recreation are readily made available for the faculty staying in the campus.

·         Faculty and student excursions are also arranged frequently.


Methods of Appraisal

Teaching Staff

The faculty fills their annual appraisal proforma which is first appraised by the faculty himself/herself based on their work done, performance, publication and presentation as per the UGC regulations. It is then forwarded to the Principal-I.T.S-IHAS and then to the  Secretary and finally it is put forth to the Vice-Chairman of the Institutional Group.

 Non-teaching staff

For the non-teaching staff feedbacks from the administrative officers and Principal-IHAS and final evaluation by the Secretary form the basis of their confirmation and annual increment.


 Self –appraisal of the faculty helps to monitor the academic development of the faculty and based on these evaluations annual increments are granted.

If the appraisal of the teaching or non-teaching staff is not satisfactory, a reappraisal may be undertaken after a period of three to six months, during which period the concerned staff is given the opportunity to rectify outstanding issues and make improvements. This potentially brings in more accountability and a sense of responsibility.

The outcome of the feedback obtained from the students on teaching-learning is communicated to the concerned faculty which is used for enhancing their professional competencies.

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