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Programs for Advanced and Slow Learners

  Scheme : 1. Programs for Advanced Learners 2. Programs for Slow Learners

Institute aims to identify the Advanced Learners and Slow Learners in each class. The Policy adopted for the same is based on a measurable criteria which is as follows: 

Advanced Learner- More than 80% marks in First Internal Exams

Slow Learner- Less than 50 % marks in First Internal Exams.


Accordingly remedial actions are taken by the Institute to facilitate the learning process of identified students. The some of the remedial actions are as follows

For Advanced Learners:

1. We encourage participation in higher level Projects,

2. Give assignments,

3. Provide oppurtunities for participation in conferences held outside the college.

4. Extend Library timings and Number of books issued.


For Slow Learners the folllowing remedial actions are taken:

1. Arrangement of remedial classes.

2. Special off the class counselling through Mentorship program by teachers.

3. Provision of supplementary books.

4. Special attention in class through instructions to teachers. 

5. Condcuting Improvement exams for mid-course improvement of performance.    


Thereafter the achievement of students is measured and closely monitored in Second Internal Exam and Subsequent Internal Exams . Remedial actions are taken according to the performance of the student.  The marks scored in each of the Internal Exams are shared with the parents and Parent-Teacher Meetings are held to get support from the family. 

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