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Quality of Care Policy





·         Plinth should be cleaned with alcohol.

·         Pediatric area should be sanitized daily.

·         Floor should be cleaned with disinfectant daily.

·         Low height plinths are installed in the Neuro O.P.D for the ease of neurological patients.

·         Furniture should be checked regularly for any damage or nails etc

·         All equipments should be checked regularly for proper functioning and also should be sanitized regularly.

·         Anti-slip mats, low height plinths, use of walking aids should be used to prevent falls.

·         Every therapist working in Neuro O.P.D should be aware of the risk of fall and should work vigilantly to prevent the same.



·         All electrodes should be cleaned daily with alcohol.

·         Ultrasonic head should be cleaned with sanitized cotton before and after every use.

·         Patient’s skin should be cleaned before and after every per cutaneous treatment.

·         Area near paraffin wax tub should be cleaned daily to avoid fall as it is slippery in nature.

·         A stepper must be installed with high height plinths to help patient step up and down the plinth.

·         For individualised treatment and privacy of the patient cabins with curtains are provided.

·         Every patient should be advised to shave, wash, or clean the skin first before coming to treatment sessions for the ease of   taping and other similar procedures.

·         All the electrical connections of electrotherapy modalities should be checked before use and also should be checked  regularly for any wear and tear.

·         Timely servicing of modalities should be done.

·         Every patient should be advised not to sleep during the treatment sessions to avoid burns and similar damages.

·         Every patient should be advised not to touch any modality/wires/electrodes during the treatment sessions.

·         To maintain hygiene standards towels/bedsheets/pillow covers should be changed regularly.

·         There should be proper disposal of waste from the dustbins regularly.

·         Visual checks must be made before using electrotherapy equipment.

·      Faults should be reported immediately and the machine or part must be removed from use until repaired or replaced.



·         Ample light should be provided.

·         Light switches should be close to the entrance of the rooms.

·         Furniture that obstructs the walkways should be removed.

·         Chairs should be of adequate height.

·         Hand rails and grab bars should be provided near stairs and in the washrooms.

·         Western toilet seats should be provided with grab bars for patients.

·         Stoppers should be provided at every door and window.

·         Anti-slip mats should be provided at fall prone areas.


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