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Value Added Courses


(Not for university Examination)

(Min. Hrs - 40 Hrs. )

1. Introduction:

Study techniques, Organisation of effective note taking and logical processes of analysis and synthesis, the use of the dictionary, enlargement of vocabulary & effective diction.

2. Applied Grammar:

Correct usage, the structure of sentences, the structure of paragraphs.

3. Written Composition:

Precise writing and summarising, writing of bibliography, enlargement of vocabulary.

4. Reading and comprehension

Review of selected materials and express oneself in one's words, enlargement of vocabulary.

5. The study of various forms of composition :

Paragraph, essay, letter, summary, practice in writing.

6. Verbal communication:

Discussions and summarization, debates, oral reports, use in teaching.



(Not for university Examination)

Min. Hrs - Theory : 30 Practical : 30

1. Basics of computer

2. Hardware and software

2. Input and output devices

3. Operating system – DOS, etc

4. Internet-

Email, social networking, application in medicine, browsing journals and article using internet


Corporate Conscription


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